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Call for Nominations: The Edward Kremers Award

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Edward Kremers Award. The deadline for receipt of nominations is May 15, 2022. AIHP awards the Edward Kremers Award to recognize the author(s) of a specific book, or a series of related articles, in the field of the history of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals that exhibits high standards of scholarship, superior quality, and distinguished merit. The Edward Kremers Award is awarded without regard to citizenship or nationality.

The Edward Kremers Award honors Professor Edward Kremers (1865-1941), a pioneer of pharmacy education in the United States, distinguished historian of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, and one of the founders of the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy.

A judging panel of historians will evaluate nominations on the basis of (i) the significance of the book or series of articles to scholarship in the field of the history of pharmacy, and pharmaceuticals, and (ii) the quality of the research, interpretation and presentation of the subject matter of the book or series of articles.


Nominations should be in the form of a letter that includes the following information:

• The nominator’s name, email address, and telephone number;

• The name of the book/publication(s) being nominated;

• The author(s) of the nominated publication(s);

• Best available contact information for the author(s), including email address, mailing address, and telephone number if possible;

• The name of the publisher of the nominated publication(s) and year of publication; and

• A concise one page statement that explains the significance of the publication(s) to scholarship in the field of the history of pharmacy and pharmaceutical, and why the nominator believes the publication is deserving of the Edward Kremers Award. The letter of nomination should be emailed to no later than May 15, 2022. In addition, the nominator should arrange for three copies of the publication(s) to be sent to AIHP at 777 Highland Avenue, Madison, WI 53705


AIHP expects to announce the recipient of the 2022 Edward Kremers Award in late August. The award will be formally presented at the International Congress for the History of Pharmacy in Milan, Italy in September 2022.

As originally established in 1961, the Edward Kremers Award was limited to citizens of the United States. AIHP’s Board of Directors eliminated the citizenship restriction in 2020.

Further information about the Edward Kremer Award, including a listing of prior recipients, is available on AIHP’s website.


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