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Deadline Tomorrow: American Society of Criminology 2018, “Institutions, Cultures and Crime&#82

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


Theme: “Institutions, Cultures and Crime”

Program Co-Chairs: Lisa Broidy, University of New Mexico and Stacy De Coster, North Carolina State University

ASC President: Karen Heimer University of Iowa

SUBMISSION DEADLINES Thematic panels, individual paper abstracts, and author meets critics panels due: Friday, March 9, 2018 Posters and roundtable abstracts due: Friday, May 11, 2018

SUBMISSION DETAILS All abstracts must be submitted on-line through the ASC website at On the site, you will be asked to indicate the type of submission you wish to make. The submission choices available for the meetings include: (1) Complete Thematic Panel, (2) Individual Paper Presentation, (3) Author Meets Critics Session, (4) Poster Presentation, or (5) Roundtable Submission. Please note that late submissions will NOT be accepted. Also, submissions that do not conform to the guidelines will be rejected. We encourage participants to submit well in advance of the deadline so that ASC staff may help with any submission problems while the call for papers is still open. Please note that ASC staff members respond to inquiries during normal business hours.

Complete Thematic Panels: Must include a title and abstract for the entire panel as well as titles, abstracts and author information for all papers. Each panel should contain between three and four papers and possibly one discussant. We encourage panel submissions organized by individuals, ASC Divisions, and other working groups.


Individual Paper Presentations: Submissions for a regular session presentation must include a title and abstract along with author information. Please note that these presentations are intended for individuals to discuss work that has been completed or where substantial progress has been made. Presentations about work that has yet to begin or is only in the formative stage are not appropriate here and may be more suitable for roundtable discussion (see below).


Author Meets Critics: These sessions, organized by an author or critic, consist of one author and three to four critics discussing and critiquing a recently published book relevant to the ASC (note: the book must appear in print before the submission deadline (March 9, 2018) so that reviewers can complete a proper evaluation and to ensure that ASC members have an opportunity to become familiar with the work). Submit the author’s name and title of the book and the names of the three to four persons who have agreed to comment on the book.


Poster Presentations: Submissions for poster presentations require only a title and abstract along with author information. Posters should display theoretical work or methods, data, policy analyses, or findings in a visually appealing poster format that will encourage questions and discussion about the material.


Roundtable Sessions: These sessions consist of three to six presenters discussing related topics. For roundtable submissions, you may submit either a single paper to be placed in a roundtable session or a complete roundtable session. Submissions for a roundtable must include a title and abstract along with participant information. A full session requires a session title and brief description of the session. Roundtable sessions are generally less formal than thematic paper panels. Thus, ASC provides no audio/visual equipment for these sessions.


APPEARANCES ON PROGRAM Individuals may submit ONLY ONE FIRST AUTHOR PRESENTATION. Ordinarily individuals may make one other appearance as either a chair or discussant on a panel. Appearances on the Program as a co-author, a poster presenter, or a roundtable participant are unlimited. Only original papers that have not been published or presented elsewhere may be submitted to the Program Committee for presentation consideration.

The meetings are Wednesday, November 14 through Saturday, November 17. Sessions may be scheduled at any time during the meetings. ASC cannot honor personal preferences for day and time of presentations. All program participants are expected to register for the meeting. We encourage everyone to pre-register before October 1 to avoid paying a higher registration fee and the possibility of long lines at the onsite registration desk at the meeting. You can go to the ASC website at under Annual Meeting Info to register online or access a printer friendly form to fax or return by mail.

SUBMISSION DEADLINES Friday, March 9, 2018 is the absolute deadline for thematic panels, regular panel presentations, and author meets critics sessions. Friday, May 11, 2018 is the absolute deadline for the submission of posters and roundtable sessions.

ABSTRACTS A typical abstract will summarize, in one paragraph of 200 words or less, the major aspects of your research, including: 1) the purpose of the study and the research problem(s) you investigate; 2) the design of the study; 3) major findings of your analysis; and 4) a brief summary of your interpretations and conclusions. Although not all abstracts will conform to this format, they should all contain enough information to frame the problem and orient the conclusions.

EQUIPMENT Only LCD projectors will be available for all panel and paper presentations to enable computer based presentations. However, presenters will need to bring their own personal computers or arrange for someone on the panel to bring a personal computer.

GUIDELINES FOR ONLINE SUBMISSIONS Before creating your account and submitting an abstract for a single paper or submitting a thematic panel, please make sure that you have the following information on all authors and coauthors (discussants and chairs, if a panel): name, phone number, email address, and affiliation. This information is necessary to complete the submission. When submitting an abstract or complete panel at the ASC submission website, you should select a single sub-area in the broader areas listed below. Please select the area and sub-area most appropriate for your presentation and only submit your abstract once. If you are submitting an abstract for a roundtable, poster session or author meets critics panel, you only need to select the broader area; no sub-area is offered. Your choice of area and sub-area (when appropriate) will be important in determining the panel for your presentation and will assist the program chairs in avoiding time conflicts for panels on similar topics.

Tips for choosing appropriate areas and sub-areas: Review the entire list before making a selection. Choose the most appropriate area first and then identify the sub-area that is most relevant to your paper.

PLEASE NOTE: WHEN UTILIZING THE ON-LINE SUBMISSION SYSTEM, BE SURE TO CLICK ACCEPT AND CONTINUE UNTIL THE SUBMISSION IS FINALIZED. After you have finished entering all required information, you will receive immediately a confirmation email indicating that your submission has been recorded. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact ASC immediately to resolve the issue. You may call the ASC offices at 614-292-9207 or email at


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