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#ADHS2017: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


The Alcohol and Drugs History Society convenes this weekend at Utrecht University in the Netherlands for its biennial meeting.  The conference theme is “Drinking and Drug Policies in History: Contextualizing Causes and Consequences.” There, participants are presenting new research and charting the future of the field. In an opening keynote address delivered Friday evening, “The Consumption of Intoxicants in the Past – Old Problems, New Approaches,” Phil Withington suggested innovative methodologies to make sense of how and why people – and, importantly, which people – used intoxicants in the past. (Also be sure to check out Dr. Withington’s Intoxicant Project for more information on drug use in early modern Europe.)


Dr. Phil Withington

Research presentations cover topics throughout history (including today) and across the world, featuring historians but also representatives from sociology, public health, American studies, literature, and other fields. Follow this link to view the conference program schedule and see a complete list of abstracts here. Points will publish a conference retrospective after the fact but please join in the revelry if you’re near Utrecht this weekend!



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