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Announcements: New Managing Editor, Points Blog, Seeks Same

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society, seeks a new managing editor for a two-year term beginning January 2013.  This person will join Eoin Cannon of the Committee on Degrees in History and Literature at Harvard University at the blog’s helm; the co-managing editors, in collaboration with the glowing roster of Contributing Editors, will engage in the long term and day-to-day labor that will carry Points into its third and fourth years.

Duties of the Managing Editor include (but are not limited to): maintaining the blog website and troubleshooting technical issues as they arise; writing regular features in their own area of expertise; recruiting Contributing Editors and Guest Bloggers; planning symposia around conferences and other academic and policy events; editing, formatting, and publishing Guest Blogger posts; soliciting content for the Points interviews, and for Points on Blogs, Points Forward, and Teaching Points series;  publicizing Points content through relevant listservs and other outlets; managing the republication relationship with The Atlantic; and advancing the Points mission of crossing the boundaries among academic, policy, and treatment discourses.

Ideal candidates will hold an advanced degree, have an affiliation with a recognized research institution, and have a distinguished record of publication related to alcohol and drugs history.  They should be comfortable with the translation of scholarly research into accessible, public language, and should be able to facilitate such translation as an editor and advocate for the blog.  They should have sufficient general knowledge of alcohol and drugs history (and the related histories of their regulation, economics, and representations, and of biomedical discourse centered on them) that they can evaluate and edit writings from across a broad scholarly spectrum.  They should have sufficient visual sensibility that they can illustrate and format pieces that are attractive and readable, and sufficient technical know-how that they can manage the (only very occasionally quirky) wordpress platform. Further qualifications include outstanding organizational skills and an interest in herding cats.  Interested parties should contact Managing Editor Trysh Travis at ttravis_at_ufl_dot_edu.

Points Managing Editor at Work



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