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New Exhibit: African American Pharmacy in New Orleans

A new exhibit at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is opening this September 2023. The exhibit focus on African American pharmacists in New Orleans through the 20th century. The exhibit also chronicles the early development of pharmacy education at what would become known as Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States, which began to emerge during the healthcare and economic crisis that followed the Civil War.

Highlighted are the stories of the New Orleans College of Pharmacy of Flint Medical College (1900-1915) and the College of Pharmacy of Xavier University of Louisiana (1927-present). The exhibit also spotlights the LaBranche, LaSalle, and Bynum Pharmacies, which were operated by Black Pharmacists who served New Orleanians during and after segregation. The pharmacists and schools featured in the exhibit are a testament to the struggle of African American people for justice in accessing health care and higher education in the aftermath of slavery, during Jim Crow, and beyond.

The opening reception will be held on September 8th from 6 to 8pm at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. RSVP by emailing

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