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Week In Review: January 30 to February 4

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

We showed some real corporate synergy here at Points this past week, hearing from six different voices on matters ranging from the culture wars to digital scholarship to popular culture. All are worthy of a look so, for your personal reference, please enjoy our Week In Review.

Monday: The week began with an instalment of Kelsey Harclerode’s very popular “Points Toward the Presidency” series. Ms. Harclerode reflected on the professed drug policies of the current frontrunner for the Republican Presidential nomination, Mitt Romney.

Tuesday: In “The Women of Narco B-Movies,” Elaine Carey takes us back to the 1970s to look at how a slew of grindhouse producers brought popular narco-corridos to the big screen. Ms. Carey’s post is mui interesante.

That Darn Khat

Wednesday: Hump day was remarkably productive, as Points put up two excellent posts, one historical in nature, the other more contemporary. The day began with Emily Dufton continuing her series on the drug culture wars with “A Debate for the Ages, Part II: What’s God Got to Do With It? David Wilkerson, Teen Challenge, and Evangelical Anti-Drug Activism.” Later in the day, in “Herding Khat,” Charles Ambler looked at why the Netherlands, a nation with otherwise liberal attitudes toward drug use, has outlawed a certain mild East African stimulant.

Thursday: After some early glitches, we finally got Stephen Snelders’ fascinating post, “Ruminations on a Digital Tool for Drug History,” up. Anyone interested in the means of tracking drug use, and in the broader use of Information and Communications Technology (ICTs), should be sure to check this out.

Friday: We had some fun at the end of the work week, posting the final instalment of “Points Toward The Presidency” with a look at Ron Paul, a man with some…offbeat sensibilities. Later in the day, we put up our weekly Friday Reads column, with a selection of long-form articles and podcasts ready for your perusal.

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