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Accepting Applications for 2023 AIHP PhD Research Support Grant

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The American Institute of the History of Pharmacy is now accepting applications for 2023 AIHP PhD Research Support Grants. The deadline for receipt of applications is March 31, 2023. The AIHP PhD Research Support Grant Program encourages academic research by doctoral candidates on topics related to the history of pharmacy and pharmaceuticals (broadly defined). The program provides grants up to $2,000, and AIHP hopes to fund two grants in 2023. Funding awards will be announced by May 1, 2023.

Recipients can use grant funds to cover research-related costs and expenses that are not reimbursed by the researcher’s university. The AIHP PhD Research Support Grant Program is open to all PhD students enrolled in a university based in the United States, regardless of department or discipline. The student need not be an American citizen; nor does the research topic need to be in the field of American history. However, the research must be clearly and significantly related to the history of pharmacy or pharmaceuticals, broadly defined.

Applicants should submit their application as a single .pdf document of no more than four pages in length that includes:

  1. The applicant’s name, address (including email address), telephone number, university affiliation, expected graduate degree, major area of specialization, and expected graduation date.

  2. A tentative title and short prospectus of the research project.

  3. A brief narrative explaining the significance of the research for the history of pharmacy or pharmaceuticals and describing the activities that will be supported by the grant.

  4. An itemized and annotated estimate of expenses for which a grant (up to $2,000) is being sought. Include a brief statement of other financial support received or applied for to be used within the period for which the AIHP grant is sought.

  5. Applicants (or the supervising faculty member) must also submit a letter of support from a faculty member or supervisor.

The completed applications and the letter of support (which can be submitted separately) should be emailed to with “PhD Research Grant Application” in the subject field.

Grant winners must provide a brief report to AIHP about their grant-funded research one year after receiving the grant money. Within two years of receiving the grant, recipients must also agree to submit a manuscript based on their research for consideration for publication in AIHP’s journal, History of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals.

Application details for the AIHP PhD Research Support Grant Program and a list of past grant recipients are available on the Institute’s website.


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