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Online Symposium: The Opioid Industry Documents Archive: A National Symposium

The Opioid Industry Documents Archive (OIDA) is hosting a national webinar symposium, Monday, May 13 through Thursday, May 16, noon-2:30 PM (ET) / 9:00 AM-11:30 AM (PT). This unique symposium offers a series of complementary panels that will demonstrate OIDA’s value in addressing fundamental questions of importance to health policy experts, archivists and historians. Members of the ADHS will find the panel on May 16 of particular interest.


For more details on speakers and how to register, please visit



Day 3: History and Science of Medicine (Thursday, May 16) 


David Courtwright, University of North Florida 

Antoine Lentacker, University of California, Riverside 

Liz Chiarello, Saint Louis University 


This interdisciplinary panel will discuss the ways in which OIDA collections are an important gateway into telling new stories and developing new analyses about one of the most impactful drug epidemics in U.S. history.   


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