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The Pub, the Street, & the Medicine Cabinet: Be There or Be Square

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Points is pleased to announce that the complete program for the

What, Precsely, is the Keynote About?

6th Annual International Conference on the History of Alcohol and Drugs is now available.  Hosted by SUNY Buffalo under the able stewardship of David Herzberg, the conference runs from 24-26 June and features a keynote address by Points co-managing editor Joe Spillane, “Our Own Fantastic Lodge: Drugs and Alcohol History Inside and Out.”

Drugs and alcohol on every continent except Antarctica will scrutinized in sessions on topics ranging from the contemporary drug war to historical attempts at alcohol control to pop culture representations of consumption and addiction.  Of special interest is a screening of the 2008 documentary The Narcotic Farm, which chronicles the forty-year history of the U.S. Federal Narcotic Farm in Lexington, Kentucky (1935- 1975).   Michael Bozarth and Nancy Campbell will lead discussion after the screening of this unique, central, and most bizarre institution in U.S. drug treatment and policy history.

Make Reservations Now-- Operators are Standing By

Complete logistical information, including links to the conference hotel and the various sponsoring organizations, is available along with the program at the conference websitePoints readers interested in blogging from the conference (live or otherwise) should contact Trysh Travis.

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